Buy and compare Stompa mattresses

Compare and buy Stompa mattresses

The Stompa brand is a British/Danish family run business based in Ilkley, West Yorkshire. Production is based in Stompa's main supplier in Estonia where historic carpentry traditions are combined with the latest manufacturing technologies. Stompa offer children's beds and mattresses with unique features hoping to appeal to children and parents through good design and quality with safety as top priority.  All Stompa mattresses are manufactured and tested in accordance to the latest British and European Standard Safety Regulations.

Stampa s best pocket sprung single mattress, this long lasting and comfortable single mattress will help your child get a good nights sleep. With 450 individual pocketed springs and a steel reinforced edge, it is fitted with handles for easy turning. Ventilators on each side allow it to breathe so it stays fresh and clean. This single mattress is a...
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