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Sealy Pure Calm 1400 Double Mattress

Compare prices across 2 in stock retailers. Sealy Pure Calm 1400 Double Mattress prices range from £544.95 to £559.99 potentially saving you £15.04 when you compare prices through easybuyMattress. The average lowest price for the last 30 days was £554.95. With the lowest price over the last 30 days being £554.95. Prices were last updated on Sunday, January 17, 2021*. From Sealys Pocket Collection, the Pure Calm Memory Pocket 1400 double mattress has a medium pocket spring support and benefits from a layer of energetic latex. The double mattress is upholstered in a micro quilted knitted stretch and includes Smart Fibre, that features a high level of antimicrobial and dust mite resistance and also helps to keep you fresh, cool and dry. Also included is Eco friendly Tencel, a fibre that improves heat flow and moisture dissipation and helps create the perfect sleeping microclimate. It also inhibits bacterial growth. The latex layer is a natural product taken from the sap of the Rubber tree and is hypoallergenic, extremely long lasting and retains its comfort properties throughout its lifespan. It adapts perfectly to the shape of your body and helps to align your spinal column, whether you lie on your side or your back. The double mattress interior is made up of a 7 zone pocket spring system that correctly supports the neck, shoulder and lower back areas for perfect spinal alignment. Each pocket spring provides piston like support to each part of your body and is housed in its own cloth sleeve so the load on one spring does not affect the one next to it. This allows the springs to contour your body perfectly as each spring supports you at the point of contact and is not affected by varying weights and body shapes. A patented Unicase border surrounds the springs to add support and allow you the full width of the double mattress and prevents the edge from sagging. Although the double mattress is one sided and does not need to be turned over, it still has to be rotated from head to toe on a regular basis. Sealy are endorsed by Allergy UK for the reduction of house mites are the only bed and double mattress manufacturer to be authorised by the Orthopaedic Advisory Board. Supplied by Sealy, the worlds biggest bed and double mattress manufacturer, the Pure Calm Latex 1400 double mattress is a great example of the high standards and attention to detail. Technical specifications FEATURES BENEFITS Micro quilted Ensures a comfortable and flat sleeping surface High density knitted stretch fabric cover Soft to touch and gives the double mattress a luxurious feel Eco friendly Tencel Woven into the double mattress cover Tencel improves heat flow and moisture dissipation helping create the perfect sleeping microclimate. Also inhibits bacterial growth 20mm of Energetic Latex A deep layer of Energetic Latex for outstanding comfort and pressure relief Smart fibres The fillings used are Hypoallergenic Mattress and help to keep you cool, fresh and dry 1400 Zoned pocket spring system The zoned pocket spring system correctly supports and aligns the spine in its natural shape, helping to reduce aches and pains Patented Unicase design The Unicase design protects the border of the pocket spring interior and stops the edge double mattress from sagging Enhanced double mattress underside The underside of the double mattress benefits an enhanced pad that prevents slippage and movement on slatted bases Easy care no turn double mattress No flipping of the double mattress is required (though we still recommend the occasional rotation from head to toe) Medium support Fully supportive but with extra comfort. Ideal for people who prefer a slightly softer double mattress.

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Mattress Info

Mattress SizeDouble (4ft 6)
Mattress BrandSealy
Mattress TensionMedium Firm, Soft Medium
Mattress TypePocket Sprung, Latex
Mattress Depth30
No. Pocket Springs1400