Breasley Valuepac Visco King Size...
Breasley Valuepac Visco King Size...

Breasley Valuepac Visco King Size Mattress

Valuepack Visco 5ft king size mattress. This 5ft Valuepack Visco king mattress is suitable for all standard 5ft king size beds. This high density support foam king mattress is perfect for anyone, great to support the back and spine, but also has the advantage of being lightweight and easy to handle, making it an ideal choice without compromising on comfort. The Valuepack Visco king mattress features high density support foam with a top layer of visco elastic memory foam which moulds and contours to your body shape, relieving pressure points which can cause discomfort during sleep, as well as a soft feel zipped cover which can be removed for machine washing. The Valuepack 5ft Visco king size mattress is manufactured to the highest of standards by Breasley king mattress. Part of the Breasley collection, high resilient foam king mattress benefits from a soft firmness. The 5ft king size visco king mattress features a total depth of 16cm. This king mattress is dust mite resistant and has been manufactured to meet all UK fire safety standards. The Valuepack Visco 5ft King size high density support foam king mattress comes vacuum sealed. All our Breasley 5ft king size Visco king mattress are professionally delivered and are available for free next day delivery in the UK. This 5ft King size Valuepack Visco king mattress comes with a 1 year manufacturers guarantee.

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King Size (5ft)
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Memory Foam
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