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Sealy Backcare Elite King Size Mattress

The best price found for Sealy Backcare Elite King Size Mattress was £355.00. The average lowest price for the last 30 days was £355.00. With the lowest price over the last 30 days being £355.00. Prices were last updated on Thursday, January 21, 2021*. Sealy are renowned around the world for making top quality orthopaedic beds and king mattress and the Back care Elite is a great example. Robust and very supportive, it features Sealy's zero deflection spring system, generous layers of upholstery and has a hand tufted Belgian damask cover. Hand tufting is a process of nylon tapes passed through the king mattress at regular intervals and secured on each side. This pre tensions the king mattress to give it a firmer feel and ensures the fillings stay in place. Today orthopaedic king mattress come in a number of different constructions and the modern view is that, rather than being very hard, a king mattress should have the ability to contour and mould. This enables the king mattress to fill the gap under the lower back whilst still being firm and offering support to the rest of the body without sagging or deflecting. Sealy's zero deflection spring system is designed in conjunction with orthopaedic surgeons. The zero deflection spring system helps eliminate uncomfortable pressure points by distributing weight away from the heaviest parts of our bodies. By using an offset spring design with its unique independent hinge action, Sealy have created a king mattress that literally profiles the sleepers body. A consistently firm support is achieved across the entire surface. It's a fact that more than 50 percent of people suffer from an assortment of back pain so it's vitally important to choose a king mattress that will ease back ache and offer you a good nights sleep. If an extra firm support is what your body's been craving, then don't delay and ORDER TODAY.Technical specification FEATURES BENEFITS Luxury damask cover Traditional hard wearing and durable cover in a timeless woven design Hand tufted Ensures fillings stay in place and increases the life of the king mattress. Especially important for extra deep king mattress. Zero deflection triple offset spring system Absorbs both weight and body movement with no buckling or bulging. Designed in conjunction with leading orthopaedic surgeons offering extra support for back pain sufferers. Heavy gauge rod edge A thick perimeter wire that reinforces the king mattress edge and helps prevent collapse of the king mattress at edges that are regularly sat on. Twice tempered springs Tempering is a heat treatment that fixes the shape of the metal spring. Twice tempered springs maintain their shape up to 50% longer than once tempered and greatly increases the life of a king mattress. Extra firm support For people who like to sleep on a very firm surface. Supportive but still comfortable.

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Mattress Info

Mattress SizeKing Size (5ft)
Mattress BrandSealy
Mattress TensionVery Firm, Firm
Mattress TypeOpen Spring, Memory Foam
Mattress Depth29
Mattress FeaturesHand Tufted, Damask Cover, 1 Sided, Rod Edged, orthopaedic, Handles, vents, Non Turn, Edge to Edge Support