Sleepeezee Baroness 2000 King Size...
Sleepeezee Baroness 2000 King Size...
Sleepeezee Baroness 2000 King Size...

Sleepeezee Baroness 2000 King Size Mattress

2000 Pocket Springs (in 5) Silk Fillings Wool Fillings Non Turn Handles Air Vents From Sleepeezees Pocket Spring Collection comes the Baroness. The Baroness is a 2000 pocket sprung king mattress with natural fillings that include wool and silk. Pocket springs have revolutionised king mattress manufacture in the last few years. They are individual nested springs each in their own cotton pocket. As the springs are individual they move independently of each other, accenting your bodies movement and supporting you only where you lie. Also if you share a bed it reduces the Roll Together effect. This is where two people of uneven weight unintentionally roll together; it can usually happen with a standard cage sprung king mattress where all the springs are linked. As every contour is being supported, your muscles will relax and give you a blissful nights sleep. The natural fillings in this king mattress are a winning combination. Silk is Hypoallergenic Mattress, which means it will not harbour dust mites on your king mattress. Wool is not only extremely comfortable, it helps the king mattress breathe, combined with the brass air vents. Helping air circulate is beneficial to the life of the king mattress and dash; the more air that circulates through the king mattress the less moisture it will retain. Moisture can damage your springs and your king mattress. The Baroness is a non turn king mattress, but as this is pocket sprung we advise you to turn it head to toe in the first few weeks of purchase. This allows settlement and reduces the risk of dipping. This luxurious Sleepeezee king mattress would suit any of our fantastically priced divan bases or bed frames.

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Mattress Brand
Mattress Size
King Size (5ft)
Mattress Tension
Mattress Type
Pocket Sprung
Mattress Depth
No. Pocket Springs
Mattress Features
1 Sided
5 Year Manufacturers warranty
Dust Mite Resistant
Hand Tufted
Made in UK
Non Turn
Side Stitching
No reviews

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