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Breasley Flexcell 700 CoolSport Single Mattress

No in stock retailers were found for Breasley Flexcell 700 CoolSport Single Mattress. You can always have a look around our website to find alternative mattresses. The average lowest price for the last 30 days was £76.46. With the lowest price over the last 30 days being £72.77. Prices were last updated on Saturday, December 5, 2020*. Breasley Flexcell 700 Quilted 3ft Single Memory Foam single mattress free quilted cover with this single mattress. Every Flexcell 700 single mattress comes constructed with a superior density of visco elastic memory foam and a fantastically comfortable removable woven damask cover and has 7cm of premium grade visco elastic. The overall depth of the Flexcell 700 single mattress is 20cm. This single mattress is constructed with slow recovery memory foam supplied from UK market leader British Vita Foam and has an open cell construction for added breathability and is designed to maximize your contact with the single mattress therefore reducing the pressure points on your body. Less pressure points create better blood circulation meaning a more peaceful nights rest as it evenly distributes body weight. Along with the comfort benefits the temperature sensitive properties mould to the exact contour of your body providing optimum support for your neck back shoulders and legs. The Flexcell Visco elastic range of single mattress aim to provide protection from bedsores and free you of those niggling aches and pains. * Premium quality visco elastic memory foam * Open celled construction for added breathability * Incredible value for money * Firmness rating medium feel * Available in sizes 26 30 40 46 50 53 and 60 * Available in European 160cm also * Available for electric beds * Manufactured in the UK * Visco elastic depth of 7cm * Visco elastic from UK market leaders British Vita Foam * Removable woven damask cover dry clean recommended * Silent No springs * Resistant to dust mites * Full 5 year guarantee * Complies to all UK British Standard Fire Regulations

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Mattress Info

Mattress SizeSingle (3ft)
Mattress BrandBreasley
Mattress TensionMedium
Mattress TypeReflex Foam, Memory Foam
Mattress Depth20
Mattress FeaturesPressure Relief, Damask Cover, Made in UK, Vacuum Packed, Edge to Edge Support, Dust Mite Resistant, orthopaedic, 5 Year Manufacturers warranty, 1 Sided, removable cover, Hypoallergenic