Kayflex Thermocool Visco Memory...

Kayflex Thermocool Visco Memory Single Mattress

The Kayflex Thermocool is a non sprung single mattress that unites a durable reflex foam layer topped off with a 75mm memory foam layer and a cover that provides a drier and fresher night's sleep. With similar properties to Coolmax, the soft to touch Thermocool cover helps to regulate your temperature by dissipating body heat through a blend of hollow and channelled fibres. These unique fibres used in the Thermocool cover are able to breathe more easily and disperse moisture away from the body, allowing you to stay cool and dry throughout the night. Memory foam is a temperature sensitive material that responds to your body shape, gently cushioning your body`s contours to deliver a more relaxing and restful sleeping profile. It reduces the pressure points on your body, creates better blood circulation and results in less tossing and turning by evenly distributing your body weight. The memory foam layer rests upon a 125mm block of resilient reflex foam that provides a durable foundation and offers additional support and comfort. There is no need to flip the single mattress over, as it is designed to be one sided, although we do recommend you rotate the single mattress form head to toe regularly. This evens out the wear and tear and enhances its lifespan. For ease of delivery, the Thermocool single mattress will come to you vacuum packed in a roll. Its an ideal choice for homes with converted loft rooms where access is limited. Manufactured in the UK by Kayflex, the Thermocool single mattress offers a soft, yet supportive sleeping surface and perfect for those who want a comfortable night's sleep. Technical Specifications FEATURES BENEFITS High density knitted stretch fabric cover Soft to touch and gives the single mattress a luxurious feel Thermocool A unique fabric that regulates and dissipates your body temperature allowing you to stay cool and dry throughout the night 75mm memory foam top layer Body moulding and pressure relieving material that reduces tossing and turning and promotes good blood circulation 125mm high density reflex foam block base Provides a substantial base for all bed types including beds with slatted bases Light weight Easy to lift when making beds and changing the bed clothes Easy care no turn single mattress No flipping of the single mattress is required (though we still recommend the occasional rotation from head to toe) Soft support An ideal choice for those who want a supportive, yet comfortable and slightly softer sleeping surface Vacuum packed in a roll Fits into most cars for easy transportation 5 Year warranty against manufacturing defects Gives you peace of mind that you have purchased from a supplier who has complete confidence in their products. Note this single mattress come vacuum packed in a roll. Once you remove the packaging it takes a few minutes to reach about 95% of its full shape, then a few more hours to fill its shape completely.

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Single (3ft)
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Memory Foam
Reflex Foam
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