Kaymed Sunset 200 Single Mattress

Kaymed Sunset 200 Single Mattress

The Kaymed Sunset 200 vacuum packed foam single mattress is a deep and luxurious foam single mattress that offers great comfort and support. It is ideal for those who prefer a slightly softer single mattress and offers excellent value at an affordable price. Kaymed, the worlds leading foam single mattress manufacturer have produced, exclusively for Archers, a range of vacuum packed roll up single mattress. The range includes solid foam block and memory foam single mattress with the memory foam layers ranging from 25 to 60mm. The Sunset 200 is similar in construction to our entry level Sunset 150 single mattress, but is 5cm deeper and features the 'K Zone support system, a unique support system introduced by Kaymed. The 'K Zone' is a series of deep channels running across and down the length of the single mattress. These channels allow the top layer to flex with your body shape providing additional support and help maintain the correct alignment of the spine and neck to provide a healthy and comfortable night's sleep. As there are no springs in this single mattress, the foam works for each individual person. No roll together and no partner disturbance across the single mattress. This single mattress is one sided and does not require to be turned over, but we do recommend you turn the single mattress from head to toe occasionally. The soft removable cover can be taken off to be washed or dry cleaned. There is no compromise on quality (we offer a 10 year warranty against manufacturing defects) and you get the peace of mind that you are sleeping on a Kaymed, the worlds leading foam single mattress manufacturer. The Sunset 200 is low in price and excellent value for money, so don't delay, and BUY TODAY Technical specification FEATURES BENEFITS Knitted stretch fabric Soft to touch and gives the single mattress a luxurious feel Removable zipped cover Cover can be removed and machine washed for better hygiene 20cm high density polyurethane foam Very supportive hypoallergenic material that is extremely long lasting and comfortable. Low cost and durable. K Zone system Channels cut into the top and bottom layer of the foam running from head to toe and side to side that flex with your body to provide additional comfort and support. Easy care no turn single mattress No flipping of the single mattress is required (though we still recommend the occasional rotation from head to toe). Medium support Fully supportive but with extra comfort. Ideal for people who prefer a slightly softer single mattress. Vacuum packed Fits easily into most cars for easy transportation 10 year warranty Gives you peace of mind that you have purchased from a supplier who has complete confidence in their products. Note This single mattress is supplied vacuum packed in a roll. Once you remove it from the packaging it takes a few minutes to reach about 95% of its full shape, then after a few more hours it fills its shape completely.

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Single (3ft)
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Memory Foam
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