Sealy Anya Single Mattress
Sealy Anya Single Mattress
Sealy Anya Single Mattress

Sealy Anya Single Mattress

Containing BugShield Smart Fibres, the Sealy Anya is part of their new range of single mattress that are designed to combat and prevent bed bug infestation. The BugShield fibres in the Anya single mattress contain a new, special form of biocide that is guaranteed skin safe and kills bed bugs. It creates an inhospitable environment to prevent further infestation and offers 100% bed bug mortality, with 90% killed off within 24 hours. The single mattress has a firm support with a hand tufted finish and boasts Sealy's Posture Tech 660 spring system which is extremely responsive to body pressure providing exceptional support. The system uses smaller diameter springs allowing more springs per single mattress than conventional beds. This increases the comfort and longevity of the single mattress. Twice tempered springs provide greater resilience and extend the life of the single mattress even further. A supportive border rod provides edge to edge comfort across the total sleeping area preventing roll off. The Posture Tech 660 spring system supports the body perfectly throughout the night following the subtle twists and turns of your posture. An additional feature is Edge Guard, a high density extra thick foam edge that prevents collapse of the single mattress border. You can comfortably sleep right up to the edge of the single mattress without the sensation of rolling off that you get with some cheaper single mattress. The Anya single mattress rests upon a solid top faux suede divan base that is designed to give your single mattress a slightly firmer feel. It is offered with a range of storage options and base colours, natural, black, sand or cappuccino. You can also opt to have your divan base on standard castors or upgrade to chic silver glides. The Sealy Anya single mattress also kills off house dust mites that are a key trigger for asthma, hay fever and eczema, so its extremely beneficial to anyone who suffers from allergy symptoms. Please note Headboard is not included Technical specifications FEATURES BENEFITS High density stretch fabric cover Soft to touch and gives the single mattress a luxurious feel. Hand tufted Ensures fillings stay in place and increases the life of the single mattress. Especially important for extra deep single mattress. BugShield A new and special form of biocide that's designed to combat and prevent bed bug infestation. Posture tech 660 spring system Provides better weight distribution away from the heaviest parts of the body. Edge guard A high density extra thick foam edge that prevents collapse of the single mattress edge. You can sleep comfortably right up to the single mattress edge. Heavy gauge rod edge A thick perimeter wire that reinforces the single mattress edge and helps prevent collapse of the single mattress at edges that are regularly sat on. Twice tempered springs Tempering is a heat treatment that fixes the shape of the metal spring. Twice tempered springs maintain their shape up to 50% longer than once tempered and greatly increasing the life of a single mattress. Firm support The most popular level of support that suits all but the heaviest or lightest of people. The majority of our customers choose this support level. Faux suede divan base The single mattress rests on a solid platform base. Ideal for firm and extra firm beds.

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Mattress Brand
Mattress Size
Single (3ft)
Mattress Tension
Mattress Type
Open Spring
Mattress Depth
Mattress Features
1 Sided
Anti Bed Bug
Dust Mite Resistant
Hand Tufted
Knitted cover
Non Turn
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