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Silentnight Munich Single Mattress

No in stock retailers were found for Silentnight Munich Single Mattress. You can always have a look around our website to find alternative mattresses. The average lowest price for the last 30 days was £249.99. With the lowest price over the last 30 days being £249.99. Prices were last updated on Monday, January 25, 2021*. The Munich single mattress consists of Silentnight's innovative Miracoil spring unit, layers of Hypoallergenic Mattress fillings and a generous layer of natural Latex. The single mattress is upholstered in a soft and responsive luxury knitted stretch fabric cover and incorporates 'Eco Comfort Fibre'. 'Eco Comfort Fibre' is a scientifically proven fibre that significantly reduces heat build up and provides pressure relieving comfort. Also included is 'Purotex', a natural friendly bacterium that reduces mould, moisture and allergens for a drier, fresher and healthier sleep. The layer of natural latex adapts perfectly to the shape of your body and helps to align your spinal column, whether you lie on your side or your back. Latex is hypoallergenic, extremely long lasting and will retain its comfort properties throughout its lifespan. The single mattress includes an acupressure pad, a comfort layer that that has targeted support zones for added pressure relief and comfort. The Miracoil spring system has three intelligent zones that provide additional support for your hips and softness for your shoulders. The spring system is specifically designed to run from head to toe distributing weight up and down the single mattress instead of across it. This creates individual sleep zones giving each person an undisturbed sleep. In the centre third, where body weight is greater, extra springs are concentrated to create a supportive posture zone just where the body desires it most. Edge to edge support strengthens the border resulting in a wider sleeping surface. You can sleep comfortably right up to the very edge of the single mattress without the sensation of rolling off. The single mattress has been specially designed to be single sided (non turn) which means that it does not require to be turned over. However, we do recommend that you rotate it regularly from head to toe. The Silentnight Munich single mattress combines optimum comfort with enhanced support. Technical specification FEATURES BENEFITS High density stretch fabric cover Soft to touch and gives the single mattress a luxurious feel. Purotex Purotex is the only solution which is 100% natural. A friendly bacteria, which reduces mould, moisture and reduces allergens for a drier fresher and healthier single mattress. Eco Comfort fibre Scientifically proven to dramatically reduce heat build up while sleeping. Acupressure pad Comfort layer with targeted support zones for added pressure relief and comfort. 25mm Energetic latex Luxuriously soft and supportive hypoallergenic material that is extremely long lasting and comfortable. Particularly recommended for people who prefer a slightly softer sleeping surface. Intelligent 3 zoned Miracoil Enhanced with an extra zones to give even more sensitive support to the shoulders, neck and hips. Miracoil no roll together Continuous springs run from head to toe creating individual sleep zones and minimizes partner disturbance across the width of the bed. Edge to edge support Provides a greater support across the whole sleeping surface. Easy care no turn single mattress No flipping of the single mattress is required (though we still recommend the occasional rotation from head to toe). Firm support The most popular level of support that suits all but the heaviest or lightest of people. The majority of our customers choose this support level 5 year warranty against manufacturing defects Great peace of mind backed by the UKs biggest bed manufacturers

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Mattress Info

Mattress SizeSingle (3ft)
Mattress BrandSilentnight
Mattress TensionFirm, Medium
Mattress TypeOpen Spring, Latex
Mattress Depth24