Highgrove Aloe Vera Small Double...
Highgrove Aloe Vera Small Double...

Highgrove Aloe Vera Small Double Mattress

The Aloe Vera small double mattress has 1000 pocket springs, 75mm of memory foam and a super soft cover treated with soothing Aloe Vera. A top specification of small double mattress at a very affordable price. Aloe Vera emollient has long been valued for its healing benefits. Scientific studies have shown that when applied as a fabric treatment, Aloe Vera has a positive balancing effect on your sleep and well being. It aids the regeneration of new skin and improves breathing and gives a better, fresher and cleaner nights sleep. And the ultimate reassurance for allergy sufferers the Aloe Vera contains 100% Hypoallergenic Mattress fillings. This small double mattress also contains 1000 pockets springs (in a king size) and 75mm of visco elastic memory foam which has become an outstandingly successful combination. Pocket springs has always been the spring type of choice for maximum comfort and support and combined with the pressure relieving qualities of memory foam you are assured a great nights undisturbed and stress free sleep. Almost every manufacturer of pocket sprung small double mattress will incorporate this specification in their range. The biggest point of difference however with the Aloe Vera pocket sprung memory foam small double mattress from Highgrove, is the price. It is as much as 50% lower in cost than the equivalent branded small double mattress. The Aloe Vera is fantastic value. Buy now while the offer lasts.

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Mattress Brand
Mattress Size
Small Double (4ft)
Mattress Tension
Mattress Type
Memory Foam
Pocket Sprung
Pocket Sprung Plus Memory Foam
No. Pocket Springs
No reviews

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