Highgrove Cypress Pocket 1000 Small...

Highgrove Cypress Pocket 1000 Small Double Mattress

The Cypress 1000 from Highgrove is a well specified 4ft small double mattress and boasts supportive, yet soft pocket springs, layers of Hypoallergenic Mattress fillings and a soft cover that incorporates pure silk. The Cypress small double mattress features a hand tufted finish that ensures the generous layers of rebound fibre fillings are held securely in place, reducing the chance of upholstery movement. Hand tufting is a process that pre tensions the small double mattress by passing nylon tapes through the entire small double mattress at regular intervals and attaching them on both sides with a soft woollen tuft. The core of the small double mattress is made up of totally independent pocket springs; with each spring encased within a separate flexible fabric pocket. This allows each one to move independently and provide fantastic lumbar support. This means the springs only compress where pressure is exerted, creating a more responsive feel and allowing for motion separation between both sides of the bed. A flat rod edge metal frame is fitted to the perimeter of the spring unit to ensure the integrity of the nested pocket springs and allows you the full use of the small double mattress width. The Cypress Pocket 1000 is manufactured in the UK by Highgrove Beds and is an ideal choice if you want a quality pocket spring interior with a soft and comfortable sleeping surface. Technical Specifications FEATURES BENEFITS High density stretch fabric cover Ensures Soft to touch and gives the small double mattress a luxurious feel Hand tufted Ensures fillings stay in place and increases the life of the small double mattress. Especially important for extra deep small double mattress 1000 pocket springs Pocket springs are individual independent springs that offer the most sensitive and supportive spring system currently available today Soft support An ideal choice for those who want a supportive, yet comfortable and slightly softer sleeping surface 10 year warranty against manufacturers defects Gives you peace of mind that you have purchased from a supplier who has complete confidence in their products

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