Sealy Support Regular Small Double...
Sealy Support Regular Small Double...

Sealy Support Regular Small Double Mattress

Sleeping well is as essential to life as air and water. and one of life's greatest pleasures is sinking in to a wonderfully comfortable and supportive bed at the end of a weary day. or taking the time to lie in at weekends when you don't have to get up. The beds are everything consumers now expect from the quality Sealy brand, just at a price they won't. The renowned supportive Posturepedic zonal springs in really comfortable and relaxing small double mattress, choice of tufted or micro quilted versions. So Sealy can now truly offer a bed to suit every requirement whether it is in size, comfort or price. Traditional hand small double mattress for those who prefer a firm fee Sealys zero deflection spring system for total support. Non Turn for easy care.

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Small Double (4ft)
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