Vogue Beds Orthorest Small Double...

Vogue Beds Orthorest Small Double Mattress

Orthopaedic Range 'offers a traditional range of firm orthopaedic small double mattress with added comfort and style. These beds again add value for money with high quality damask, Cotton and Stitchbond fabrics and totally hypoallergenic polyester fillings wrapped in a heavy steel frame, ensuring stability for these amazing small double mattress. All small double mattress in this range are suitable for Metal Pine Bedsteads. Divan bases are optional and feature twin castors with linking bars, and optional 0, 2 or 4 Drawer Platform Bases. Repose 'Orthorest Coil Spring small double mattress High loft deep quilt 12.5 gauge Orthopaedic spring unit 6 gauge frame Quality Burberry Style Damask fabric 20cm Deep small double mattress Available in a Guest bed

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Mattress Brand
Vogue Beds
Mattress Size
Small Double (4ft)
Mattress Type
Open Spring
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