AirSprung Enigma Small Single Mattress

AirSprung Enigma Small Single Mattress

The Gently Supportive range is for those with a preference for a slightly softer feel. This softer, more flexible sleeping surface offers both comfort and support. Comfortably Firm range. The gently supportive small single mattress contain resilient spring units which provide gentle support and a softer comfort feel than our firmer mattress. Each bed in the gently supportive collection has a different amount and type of upholstery cushioning, in addition to differing spring systems between some models, so you can choose a feel that's just right for you. 13.5 gauge spring system with high tensile wire for increased performance

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Mattress Brand
Mattress Size
Small Single (2ft 6)
Mattress Tension
Medium Firm
Mattress Type
Open Spring
Reflex Foam
Mattress Depth
Mattress Features
2 Sided
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