Shire Beds Eco Snug Small Single...

Shire Beds Eco Snug Small Single Mattress

With pressure relieving pocket springs and innovative Eco Shield bed bug technology, the Shire Eco Snug small single mattress provides a comfortable, supportive and healthy sleeping surface. This premium quality small single mattress is tailored in a soft and durable stretch fabric with a traditional hand tufted finish. The woollen tufts lock the fillings in place, creating a firmer feel and greatly reducing the risk of upholstery movement. The small single mattress core is made up of pressure relieving pocket springs. Each one is encased within its own fabric sleeve, ensuring the load on one spring is not affected by the one next to it. The springs provide individualised, all over support for a more comfortable night`s sleep. Within the small single mattress the nested pocket springs are packed between sumptuous layers of wool, mohair, horsehair, silk and cashmere. These natural fillings help to regulate body temperature as you sleep. The main benefit of this small single mattress is its Eco Shield technology. The active ingredient of the Eco Shield treatment is 100% natural and based on the oil of the Eucalyptus Citriodora tree. This natural oil gives relief from sinus infections. It has anti microbial and anti bacterial properties and protects against bed bugs and dust mites. Developed by Shire Beds in the UK, the Eco Snug is a luxurious small single mattress that represents the very ultimate in quality and comfort. Technical Specifications FEATURES BENEFITS Hand tufted Ensures fillings stay in place and increases the life of the mattress. Especially important for extra deep mattress. High density stretch fabric cover Soft to touch and gives the small single mattress a luxurious feel. Eco Shield Treatment is 100% natural and based on the oil of the Eucalyptus Citriodora Tree. Protects against many different insects including bed bugs and dust mites. Layers of natural filling Natural fillings such as wool, cotton, cashmere and silk help regulate body temperature by drawing moisture away from the body. 3000 pocket springs Independent pocket springs that adjust to your body`s profile, providing pressure sensitive support. Extra firm support For people who like to sleep on a very firm surface. Supportive yet still comfortable.

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Mattress Brand
Shire Beds
Mattress Size
Small Single (2ft 6)
Mattress Tension
Medium Firm
Very Firm
Mattress Type
Pocket Sprung
No. Pocket Springs
No reviews

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