Shire Beds Latex 2000 Small Single...

Shire Beds Latex 2000 Small Single Mattress

In the busy world we live in, there is more reason than ever to pay particular attention to our health and well being. Diet, fitness, exercise are all part of a healthy lifestyle; however a restful nights sleep is the CORE to todays modern healthy lifestyle. This high quality bed features the latest technological advances in the bed industry of encapsulation, giving the outer edge a firm supportive feel increasing the active sleep zone Thanks to the open cell structure of latex, with millions of interconnected cells, a latex small single mattress doesn't sleep hot. The natural elasticity of latex help the sleeper to change totally unhindered his her sleeping position. The sleep pattern is completely un interrupted with guarantees a revitalizing sleep. The organic properties of latex offer anti dust mite and anti bacterial protection. Our CORES are complimented with a rich Tencel based cover to ensure a restful sleep allowing the body to recover from your active lifestyle. 2000 pocket springs Core latex layer Tencel based cover

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Mattress Brand
Shire Beds
Mattress Size
Small Single (2ft 6)
Mattress Tension
Mattress Type
Pocket Sprung
No. Pocket Springs
No reviews

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