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Dunlopillo Orchid PLUS Small Single Mattress

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Masterfully designed this mattress can lull you into the greatest nights sleep of your life Ideal for those looking for firmness this mattress can support your limbs and joints without compromising comfortSuperior support If youre looking for support youll be pressed to find a more efficient mattress than the Orchid Plus Each layer of the 24cm mattress is designed to support your body helping to align your spine and improve overall sleep posture The unique latex material adapts to the contours of your body moulding to your individual profile as you move around in your sleepPromotes circulation Made using a breathable material each of the mattress layers are made up of microscopic air bubbles that increase the air circulation in the bed this ensures that you remain cool throughout the night The innovative design of the mattress also increases the bodys blood circulation the elastic layers support your limbs allowing even blood flow to the muscles in your bodyA mattress for a lifetime Lovingly made Orchid mattresses are renowned for their superior quality and durability Theyll offer firm support for years to come and will keep their shape without needing to be turned

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