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Sleepeezee Select Visco 1000 Super King Mattress

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A luxurious combination of pocket springs and memory foam create this sumptuous super king mattress from Sleepeezee. The 1000 separately pocketed springs provide more effective individual support as each spring works apart from one another, only reacting when direct weight is applied. This is beneficial because every contour of your body becomes supported. The 47mm of memory foam furthers the support whilst adding comfort; memory foam is reactant when in contact with pressure and heat meaning it responds differently to every person and their body shape. A final touch of quality comes from the handles and vents built into the perimeter of the Select Visco 1000; vents allow air flow to keep you cool, whilst the handles make end to end rotation much easier. Please note as this is a memory foam super king mattress, you may expect a slight odour within the first week of use. This is due to the fire retardant spray used on the memory foam.

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Super King (6ft)
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